Spring tips by Heritage Chick

Looking out of the window as I was driving down the road this morning I noticed the buds on the trees just beginning to peek out and there are bright yellow daffodils, purple hyacinths, field flowers. All in full bloom. When did THAT happen?

Spring flowers at Pemberton ParkLast Monday I drove through a beautiful snow storm in Snow Hill (fitting I thought) that heavily blanketed the trees and ground. Such quaint town well worth the visit. It was beautiful.  Today I’m sweltering in 80 degree temperatures.

They say here on the lower eastern shore that just wait a few hours and the weather will change. There’s a lot of truth to this. As the seasons began to change, it makes it often difficult to prepare oneself for the next day’s activities.

You should always be prepared.  Whether it is the fact you wore a heavy, heavy winter wool coat in the morning and now it is 80 degrees.  Or the fact you weren’t prepared mentally or emotionally and let it get to you. Life is like that.

Or a leprechauan could suddenly leap out of a car. As happened to me while visiting Chestertown a couple of years ago. But I digress.

I’ve learned to the hard way to keep a beach bag in my car with suntan lotion, flip flops, maybe some old tennis shoes, socks, a bathing suit, beach towel, a blanket. I don’t want to miss something in my travels. I do make a plan when to travel whether it is to do errands or a road trip. There is a plan. But things can change.

Why you just never know what spontaneous activity could pop up during the day.   Someone calls you up out of the blue and says “Hey!  They just spotted a giant squid at Assateague, you want to come?”  And you think you can’t go because you are wearing pantyhose and high heels.  Are you willing to let you stop this and not go see the giant squid?  No of course not!  You go. Off with those pantyhose and throw the heels in the backseat right now.

You can feel the sand in your toes already, can’t you?

And if you are lucky, your flip flops are in the car. Because you just  don’t want to step on the sand burrs. But that’s another story.

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